Ukraine Dedicates Beer to Political Hero and “Sex Symbol” Justin Trudeau

It’s no secret that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is widely beloved around the world.

How else can one explain the creation of Trudeau Magnum IPA, a craft beer brewed with utmost price in the Ukrainian city of Lviv?

Every so often, local brewery Pravda adorns its bottles with the likeness of an especially admired international politician as part of their “political series.” The main criteria seems to be that the person of honour does something anti-Russian, though Trudeau received quite the holy appraisal.

“Leader of the Liberal Party, beloved by women, and kind of sex symbol,” reads the intro to his beerography.

“Trudeau is known for his sympathy for coloured socks & marijuana, in addition to supporting the struggle for women’s rights, and the LGBT movement. Since the beginning of the war in Eastern Ukraine, Trudeau actively supports the Ukrainian government, and condemns Russia’s actions.”

The beer, which pairs well with cheese and meat, retails for $2.30 CDN but unfortunately does not shipping beyond Ukrainian borders. It boasts the following specs:

ABV: 7,2%
WORT: 16,5 %
IBU: 55
MALTS: Barley light, barley caramel
HOPS: Magnum

Though we can’t vouch for its taste, Trudeau Magnum IPA features some pretty fantastic design. A suit-clad Trudeau with a marijuana-leafed boxing glove is front and centre, flanked to his left by his late pal Fidel Castro and Christina Alexandra `Chrystia`Freeland, Canada’s minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, who is of Ukrainian descent. There is also a moose, a beaver, Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan, and a selection of coloured socks.

The gesture is a first for any Canadian politician, though German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald Trump also have their own custom beers.