UK Ad Featuring Super-Skinny Model Banned for Being ‘Irresponsible’

The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned an Yves Saint Laurent ad that appeared in Elle magazine featuring an ‘irresponsibly’ thin model.

A very responsible verdict.

The independent advertising regulator assessed that the “model’s pose and the particular lighting effect in the ad drew particular focus to the model’s chest, where her rib cage was visible and appeared prominent, and to her legs, where her thighs and knees appeared a similar width, and which looked very thin.” The model, therefore, looked “unhealthily underweight.”

That pretty much sums it up.

The ruling was not in objection to the model herself, according to ASA spokesman Matt Wilston, but rather to the lighting and styling that gave her the malnourished appearance. Yves Saint Laurent said they disagree with the decision and Elle refused to comment.

France followed through on banning super-skinny models from running catwalks in April, which suggests authorities are finally cracking down on the glorification of anorexia in the industry.