Montreal Unveils Ugliest Christmas Tree of the Season

While Toronto recently unveiled Canada’s largest Christmas tree, a stunning spectacle, Montreal has dropped perhaps the most disappointing conifer of the holiday season.

At the centre of the city’s otherwise charming Quartier des Spectacles neighbourhood sits a sorry excuse for a holiday symbol that residents have called a “waste of a tree,” “proof that Montreal is a tolerant city,” and “a sprig of rosemary.”

Check it out:

The tree stands at an impressive 88 feet, which is just seven feet short of New York’s iconic tree at Rockefeller Centre. Unfortunately, it possesses none of the charm.

The monstrosity is not without its supporters, however. Some people say it perfectly embodies the spirit of the city – “it is very Montreal. We just stubbornly do our thing no matter how it looks,” said one Twitter user.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I LUV our new ChristmasTree, its distinct unique & pure Montreal,” remarked another.

Perhaps next year Montreal could erect a Festivus Pole.

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