These Are the Ugliest Buildings in Canada According to Reddit

Canada is objectively one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a lot of our architecture.

What’s great about judging buildings, however, is that it’s a completely subjective exercise. What may look like an eyesore to some would be considered a masterpiece by others.

This played out on Reddit yesterday when one poster asked the community, “What’s the ugliest building in Canada?”

There was a general consensus that Brutalist architecture is essentially the devil’s work, with amusing comments ranging from to “it’s important to remember not to expect smart things from Edmonton” to “you could have just submitted the entire city of Kingston.”

Ragging on entire cities aside, here are some of the more hideous choices for Canada’s ugliest building (in no particular order):

Princess Towers – Kingston

“The Butterdome” – Edmonton

Public Safety Building – Winnipeg

These condos – Mississauga

City Hall – Lethbridge

The suburbs – Everyhere

University of Alberta – Edmonton

Peregrine Point – Edmonton

The corner of Bloor & Dundas – Toronto

Le Rigaud – Montreal

Sharpe Centre for Design, OCAD – Toronto