UberX Has Hit Toronto and it’s 40% Cheaper Than Taking a Taxi

Here’s a great little story about perfect timing.

As we were zipping across London between Fashion Week appointments at prices approximately 40% less than a cab, we thought to ourselves, wouldn’t this be great in Toronto?

Well, lo and behold, we opened our email yesterday to learn UberX has finally arrived in The Big Smoke.  

UberX is Uber’s low-cost option, which has been a major hit in cities across the world including San Francisco, New York, Sydney, and, as we experienced, London.

Just imagine: Your private driver will take you from the Financial District to the airport for $33 instead of the $60 regular cab care. Or from City Place to Yorkville for $9 instead of $15 in a cab.

So, who exactly are these private drivers? They’re essentially thoroughly screened Uber driver partners backed by industry-leading safety practices – aka anyone who’s over 21, passes a background check, and owns an insured car less than a decade old.

While there’s currently a back-and-forth between City Hall, taxi companies, and Uber around the service’s legality and issue of commercial insurance, we welcome the opportunity to travel in a cleaner, less expensive vehicle where paying by card isn’t a declaration of war.

Not to mention Deadmau5 is already doing it – and by doing it we mean picking Torontonians up in his McLaren 650S.

What’s not to love?

Your move, Beck.  



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