Bad News for Lazy Millennials: UberEats Killed its Instant Delivery Service in Toronto

Torontonians looking for a quick lunch option from UberEats are out of luck.

Instant UberEats – the service that offered a short list of menu items that could be delivered in less than 10 minutes – is no longer a thing in Toronto.

We know… we’ll give you a moment.

Uber Canada quietly axed its Instant UberEats service yesterday, leaving its usual downtown lunchtime users to find other means to feed themselves.


“Instant UberEats is no longer a service in Toronto,”reads the resource centre for Uber drivers. Instant delivery was shut down in New York earlier this year and in other U.S. cities in the past few weeks.

Yesterday, Uber responded to confused customers on Twitter, saying it will “focus on bringing you the widest selection of meals as fast as possible.” But don’t panic: the regular UberEats delivery platform (which allows you to order from a restaurant’s full menu) will continue to operate in Toronto as it has since May of last year.


As for the Instant service, don’t expect it to make a return.

With construction and congestion so maddeningly bad on city streets, you can’t even promise you’ll drive half a block in 10 minutes during lunch hour these days, let alone feed a hangry young professional on a time crunch.

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