UBER Will Deliver Ice Cream to Your Office Tommorow

This may just be the best ice cream news ever.

You can now have your summer craving fulfilled without even having to leave your desk.

UBER is back with yet another epic PR stunt, if you need a little refresher, check out what they previously did with puppies.

#UberIceCream is back for a fourth year and we couldn’t be salivating more.

So this Friday, July 24, pick a frozen favourite from a local ice cream provider, tap a button, and indulge in the the most delicious TGIF ever.

Here’s How It Works:
1. Open the Uber app on Friday, July 24, between 11am and 5pm
2. Set your location and request ICE CREAM
3. If connected, order away and Ice Cream will be delivered curbside in minutes.

And done. Just don’t drop it on the ground