Uber is Launching a $5 Commuting Service, UberHOP, This Week in Toronto

Popular car-hailing service Uber is making headlines again as they launch their new commuting service, UberHOP, this week.

UberHOP is the latest service available to Toronto commuters and will use larger vehicles to drive a maximum of five riders from a shared starting point. They will then be dropped off at a common location during peak rush hour traffic.

The service will kick off as a pilot program in Toronto on December 15th and will be free to users for the first week. After the first week, users will be required to pay a low fare of $5.

Toronto riders can receive a lift from the Financial District and four other central areas: CityPlace, the Distillery District, Fort York and Liberty Village.

Commuters can gain access to this new service by updating their Uber mobile app; it will act very similar to a carpooling service. Users must then specify that they want to try UberHOP and select a route that is nearest them and walk to the designated pickup point.

Morning rides run between 7-10 AM and return rides from the Financial District will run from 4:30-7:30 PM on weekdays.

UberHOP follows last week’s expanded Uber initiative UberEats, which quadrupled the original food delivery service’s operating hours and launched a stand-alone app connecting Torontonians to over 100 local restaurants.

We can only imagine how Toronto cab drivers are going to react after learning about Uber’s new option for commuters following their traffic-halting protest last week.

Toronto cab drivers have been asking city officials to crack down on Uber as they feel the company is taking away their business and are extremely unhappy that the city is unable to come up with stronger regulations.

One thing’s for sure: current Uber users and commuters will definitely be much happier with having a more affordable method of transportation during the most rage-inducing hours of the day.