Uber Drops Prices in 5 Canadian Cities, Launches UberPool in Toronto Tomorrow

Good news for people who want to spend less money getting from point A to point B on this fine Ubersday Tuesday.

Uber announced it has cut prices in five Canadian cities to offset the winter slump, which is a nice way of defining the period between Christmas and April where binge-watching TV shows and ordering food replaces activities beyond one’s own four walls.

Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Quebec City will all be privy to the lower fares, while prices will remain par for the course in Canada’s two largest cities, Montreal and Toronto.

Toronto, however, will see Uber’s latest service, UberPool, launch across the city tomorrow (Wednesday, January 13th). UberPool allows passengers travelling in the same direction at the same time to ride together and split their fare. Even when they aren’t splitting the ride with other passengers, those using the service will pay 30 per cent less than they would with Uber’s cheapest current ride-hailing service, UberX.

“This will mean more people in fewer cars, cheaper rides for passengers and less time between trips for drivers. Over time this should reduce congestion on Toronto roads,” said Ian Black, general manger of Uber Canada, in a statement.

While this may sound impossibly optimistic, UberPool already accounts for nearly half of Uber trips in San Francisco, where the service was first launched.