Uber Alberta Could Shut Down Tomorrow if the Province Doesn’t Agree to Change Policy

Uber Alberta says it will cease operations across the province tomorrow – in Calgary and Edmonton, essentially – unless the provincial government offers some leeway in its insurance and licensing protocol.

As it stands, Alberta’s government requires that drivers have commercial licences. Both Calgary and Edmonton have individual bylaws that govern taxi operators, under which Uber drivers fall.

According to the Globe and Mail, the Edmonton bylaw stipulates Uber drivers must carry provincially approved insurance, have an annual vehicle inspection, and agree to a criminal record check. Calgary’s bylaw, meanwhile, requires ride-sharing drivers to have a Class 4 driver’s licence (a commercial licence). It also requires an annual $220 operating licence from the city, regular inspections, proof of eligibility to work in Canada, and a police background check.

Again, pretty reasonable.

Uber, however, deems the rules too strict.

Ramit Kar, the manager of Uber in Alberta, says thousands of people will be affected if the province doesn’t act by Tuesday.

“We hope that the voice this group and the many voices they represent are heard by the province and that we see action soon,” said Kar at a demonstration of around 150 Uber supporters on the steps of the Alberta legislature this weekend.

The saga continues.