Two Canadians Created A “Views From The 6” Game And It Is Amazing

Now that ‘Drake Week’ has come to an end, everyone can stop spending their days memeing him into oblivion.

Instead, let’s try to help Drake get to the top of the CN Tower in this retro computer game called Views From The SixAnd if you’re reading this, yes, this is real.

Created by Louis Trudel and Dear Lola, the game has a digitized Drake with perfectly coiffed ‘do and sharply trimmed facial hair (obviously) trying to get to the top of the CN Tower, where he must be going to pose for his Views album cover.

The game is a bit awkward to navigate at first, so don’t get frustrated if it takes you a few moments to get the hang of the controls. Besides, no one has actually made any decent computer games since Drake was wheeling around on the set of Degrassi, so it’s OK if you’re a bit rusty.

You must navigate Drake up a tall ladder and then over a number of obstacles on your way to the top while pesky OVO owls try to get in your way to take things from 0 to 100 real quick.

Pro tip: Make sure to play the game in Chrome – Safari doesn’t load it properly.