Tweet a Starbucks Coffee – #Literally

So you share everything on Twitter. Probably too much, actually. In fact, you have more people following you than your parents have ever met in their entire lives. But you know what, no matter how hard you’ve tried, we promise you’ve still never been able to share like this before. 

Starbucks and Twitter had a meeting. We’re pretty sure it went something like this:

T: We think you’re great!
S: We think you guys are great!
T: Can we have a coffee?
S: Of course!

(Minutes pass… the two groups suddenly look across the table from each other with wide eyes and an incandescent light bulb too large for reality somewhere switches on in the universe).

S & T together: Wait a second! 

And now you can share Starbucks coffee on Twitter. Seriously. You simply link your Starbucks account to your Twitter account, follow some easy set up, and bingo-bango, you can start tweeting coffees like a cyber barista. Well, you can’t actually tweet a coffee (computers apparently still can’t handle liquid), but what you can do is send off a tweet to @tweetacoffee, include your intended recipient’s handle, and even possibly a little note to say what’s it’s for. The person you send it to will then receive a link to a $5 Starbucks Card e-Gift that they can redeem right off their phone. Whatever credit card you’ve set up with Starbucks will be charged and you’ll have just made someone’s day. Confused? Don’t be; just watch the video below this article and let these two global giants explain how simple this process can be. 

The best part about this development is that because it’s an e-card, it means you don’t have to memorize your high-maintenance friend’s favourite order. ‘Cause let’s be honest, no one should ever have to publicly request a half sweet, non-fat, no water, no foam, tazo chai latte unless they’re the ones drinking it. Speaking of the ones drinking it, considering you’ll now be able to send a coffee to pretty much anyone in the Twitterverse, we suspect celebrities and secret crushes everywhere are suddenly going to be inundated with piles of virtual caffeine dollars. And on that note, does anyone happen to know Emma Watson’s Twitter handle…? 

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