TTC Driver Returns Backpack Containing $50,000 in Cash

For the second time in one week, there’s some positive news from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

One Toronto man must have had a panic attack last Monday when he realized that he’d left his backpack on the 11 Bellamy bus route in Scarborough. In the backpack was his entire $50,000 inheritance…in cash.

Restoring our faith in the TTC and humankind in general (at least for today), when TTC driver Danny Clavette encountered the bag he promptly turned it in. But all the credit doesn’t just go to him – it was another passenger who notified him of the backpack, which looked unassuming and a little beat up. The other passenger hadn’t opened it up.

When Clavette opened the bag, he found five TD Bank envelopes, all stuffed with $100 bills. In total, it contained at least $50,000 in cash. It also contained a woman’s obituary and another note that revealed that the cash could be her son’s inheritance. There was also a passport. In the meantime, a distraught and grief-stricken man in his 50s ran into a police station, claiming that he left his mother’s life savings on a bus. A TTC supervisor called the police station while the man was still there to report the retrieved backpack.

Not surprisingly, a grateful reunion ensued.

Clavette had returned every single bill. According to The Globe and Mail, there aren’t always cameras everywhere to monitor operators’ movements, and they operate on an honour system. Clavette was recognized with an award in a special ceremony on Friday for returning every single bill. His reward? A Toronto police hat, a t-shirt and a certificate for being a good Samaritan.

Sure, it’s not $50,000 in cash. But we’d argue being a good human being is priceless.