TripAdvisor Reveals the 12 Most Fairytale-Like Destinations in the World

Everyone wants to feel like a king or queen when they travel.

Room servicing lobster caviar frittatas sprinkled in gold dust to your penthouse hotel room will give you that feeling. And if you live just beyond the possibilities of the 1%, you too have some royal options – like sipping wine in the yards of an 11th-century chateau or posting up at 1191 A.D. temples fit for actual royalty.

So the next time you’re thinking of planning a trip, consider these magical places.

According to TripAdvisor, these are 12 of the most incredible fairytale-like destinations in the world:


1. Little VeniceColmar, France
“Very photogenic and romantic with the opportunity for a short gondola experience through the narrow streets.”


Photo: Mike Raynor/Flickr


2. Ta ProhmSiem Reap, Cambodia
“An age old battle between this once glorious temple and mother nature, a magical setting out of any children’s adventure novel.”


Photo: Richard Ella/Flickr


3. Hoh Rain ForestWashington, US
The pictures of this place do no justice to it. It is, in plain English, one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been…and I’ve lived all over the world.


Photo: billandkent/Flickr


4. Neuschwanstein CastleBavaria, Germany
“I’m telling you right now, if you believe in fairy tales, you need to go here.”


Photo: Christian Benseler/Flickr


5. The Dark HedgesBallymoney, Northern Ireland
“Fantastic trees on a wonder filled drive. Looks like a novel come to life.”


Photo: styrovor/Flickr


6. Carmel VillageCalifornia, US
“If you have not been, or it has been longer than a few months, you must stop back by Carmel Village. It is a lovely place to walk and enjoy life.”


Photo: Ken Lund/Flickr


7. Chateau de ChenonceauChenonceaux, France
“Impressive from the outside, enchanting from the inside…. So beautiful it is hard to leave.”


Photo: Brian Burger/Flickr


8. Historic Center of Cesky KrumlovCesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
“Cesky Krumlov is a magical place… it has a fairy-tale quality about it that is completely enchanting.”


Photo: Bernd Thaller/Flickr


9. Waitomo Glowworm CavesWaitomo Caves, New Zealand
“There was nothing more magical than floating down looking up at the glowing caves…… my partner was left speechless.”


Photo: Carl Jones/Flickr


10. Quinta Da RegaleiraSintra, Portugal
“This palace has the most incredible gardens with lakes, grottoes, towers and secret passages. Be sure to take a torch with you to explore the passages that lead from one place to another.”

Photo: liljc716/Flickr

Photo: liljc716/Flickr

11. Abbaye du Mont-Saint-MichelMont-St-Michel, France
“Don’t miss the opportunity to walk the tiny streets at night and admire the stars: the Milky Way is so close you think you could touch it!”

Photo: Matthieu Luna/Flickr

Photo: Matthieu Luna/Flickr

12. Old TownHallstatt, Austria
“We newer saw anything as charming as this town before. It was like a fairytale.”


Photo: Kevin Poh/Flickr