These Were the Trendiest Travel Hot Spots for Canadians in 2016

Just like in fashion and food, there are trends in travel.

All it takes is a scroll through your Instagram to get an idea of what’s hot. And maybe some statistics from travel search engine Kayak.

Kayak recently dove into its data to reveal the hottest and coldest travel destinations for Canadians towards the end of 2016. It evaluated increases decreases in year-over-year searches to arrive at conclusions about where Canadians are posting up during their precious vacation days.

“Canadians are seeking experiences both rich in culture and history in some of the world’s most interesting cities,” said David Solomito, VP North America Marketing at Kayak.

One thing’s for sure: Canadians like it hot. With the exception of Reykjavik and Auckland, every other destination in the top 10 boasts heat and sunshine.

Full results below: