Trend Alert: Teens Are Disappearing for 72 Hours for ‘Fun’

Ok, we admit that we did some pretty stupid things when we were teenagers. 

But today’s teens are taking things to new levels of stupidity. 

Case in point: the Game of 72. 

The premise? You disappear without a trace for three days. The more commotion your disappearance causes, the better you’ve played the game. If you manage to trigger a police investigation and widespread media attention, you’re doing something right. 

There have been rumours that the game’s been linked to the disappearance of teens in the UK and France, while some say the game doesn’t exist at all and is a total hoax… but that’s probably part of it. 

Considering how hard it is for teens to stay offline for even 72 minutes, vanishing from the grid for three days is honestly quite impressive. 

It’s 11 o’clock – do you know where your children are?


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