Travel Accessories for the Jet Setting Female

For all the eating, drinking, and being merry, the holidays are also a time of travel.

Whether you’re visiting family, hitting the slopes, or crashing a beach party for NYE, late December is all about going places.

Which also means your airport experience will probably be at an all-time level of annoyingness.

So to make the experience a little easier this year, we’ve put together a list of nine travel essentials for the jet setting female…whether for yourself or as a gift, don’t leave home without them.

Rise Gear “Jumper” Carry-On
Now that a growing number of airlines are charging for bags (as if we weren’t spending enough on the flight), a carry-on is more essential than ever. Rise Gear luggage line features bags that include a compartmentalized portable shelving system to keep your clothes folded and neatly organized. All you do is pack, expand the shelving, and hang it in a closet.

Aveda Gift Packs 
Although some hotels around the world do indeed carry Aveda products, not all do. And you can’t let your product routine crumble just because you can’t bring them all along in your bag. Thankfully, the company does a great job of offering mini versions of its hair and skincare. Even better, many may be purchased at this time of year as part of gift sets – everything from sun care for beach vacations to hand and foot relief for the road. 

Tory Burch Robertson Pebbled Passport Case
All Canadian passports look the same from the outside, but you’ve always liked to stand out in a crowd. The Tory Burch Robertson passport case is as good looking and high quality as her handbags. It’s available in navy and in the signature Tory Burch bright pink.

Kate Spade “Off We Go” Luggage Tags
Losing a suitcase is no laughing matter. And the generic airline luggage tags make us a tad nervous. That’s why we love Kate Spade’s assortment of fun, fashionable “Off We Go” luggage tags – which not only give that generic black suitcase some flair, but also make it easy to spot once it comes off the carousel.

Boomphones Blue Tooth Pocket Speaker
As essential as your iPod is for the airplane, equally as important are speakers for when you get there. Boomphones’ Pocket Speaker is perfect for the beach or the hotel room and is so tiny that it makes for easy packing. Don’t let the size fool you though – the sound is clear and manages to bring some real bass.

Jiffy Esteam Travel Series Steamer
No matter how great of a packer you are, or how high-end your suitcase is, some of your clothing is going to end up wrinkled by the time you unpack. Though most hotels will have an iron, all those shirts need is a little steam. And the Jiffy claims to be the most powerful steamer on the market.

Chronicle Books’ En Route Travel Journey
If there’s ever a time to use a good, old-fashioned notebook, it’s to document your travel journeys. But Chronicle Books’ En Route Travel Journal is more than your typical notebook: it’s filled with everything essential for your travels, from various metro symbols from around the world and translations of common words, to international caffeine traditions and “to do” lists. Of course, there’s also lots of room to write, doodle, and document.

Trackdot Luggage Tracker
Fashion-loving females not only have to cough up cash for their oversized luggage, but also face the accompanying anxiety of knowing that practically half of their bedroom is contained within their suitcase and it’s literally out of their hands once it disappears on the conveyer. The Trackdot Luggage Tracker let’s you track your luggage everywhere that your cell phone works as it reports the city location in real time to any mobile.

Go Travel Digital Luggage Scale
A digital travel scale is essential to avoid the often inevitable frantic shifting of objects from your suitcase to carry-on and re-weighing at the check-in counter. For the jet-setting female, it’s perhaps more essential on the way home, when more of your suitcase real estate is taken up by all the damage you did to your credit card.

Don’t be jealous gents; you’ll get your travel essentials later on this week…


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