Tourism Australia Just Launched a Massive Selfie Service to Attract Japanese Vistors

Leave your selfie sticks at home the next time you hit Australia. (Better yet, throw them out altogether).

In a campaign to attract Japanese tourists to the country, Australia is now offering long-distance selfies that are taken from hundreds of metres away. This is despite the fact that Japanese people don’t even like selfies all that much.

The service comes from Tourism Australia and involves “GIGA Selfie” events whereby tourists stand on a dedicated spot and use an app to set off a distant camera. Users can then download a short video clip that starts as a close-up before pulling away to reveal the surrounding landscape.

“The ‘GIGA Selfie’ campaign will help to raise the level of conversation about Australia in Japan as people share their incredible experiences of holidaying here with their friends and family back home,” Tourism Australia managing director John O’Sullivan said in a statement.

According to the agency, Japan was Australia’s sixth largest market for tourists in 2014, with more than 320,000 visitors.

The first two opportunities to take a mega selfie will be at Queensland’s Gold Coast on Sept. 5 and 6 – so hurry up and book that trip down under already.