Tour de Food: Le Chien Fumant

There are so many areas of Montreal to explore, and the East end of the Plateau is no exception (especially when on the hunt for culinary bliss). If food is your steez, you must stop in to Le Chien Fumant for a world-class cocktail and a meal that you’ll remember for weeks on end. This neighbourhood foodie hub and watering hole is as tiny as they come (it’s a 36 seater) but they braise, roast, and mix drinks with the best of them. The menu changes often, so you are in for something different almost every time. Their kitchen is open to the restaurant, so sit at the bar and watch the magic happen.

Even in the dead hot of summer, a longing for comfort food can often bite. No need to whimper, though: Le Chien Fumant serves up big dishes that are homey, hearty, and guaranteed to satisfy those dog days’ cravings. Just make sure you bring your appetite because the notable market-fresh menu (written conveniently on a chalkboard) always offers seasonal produce to entice and inspire.

A few examples? Rich entrees like the Chinatown-style squid, blue cheese and pear salad, lasagna, and a quality flat-iron steak served with dauphine potatoes. The lamb with lentils will surely demonstrate why lamb from Quebec is considered tops in Canada, and chef Maksim Morin also specializes in deserts. Bite into his heavenly chocolate or upside-down pineapple cake because you’ve definitely earned it. This trendy Montreal spot combines comfort with class in a haven for young professionals with appetites as notable as they are.

From the back-to-back wooden tables to the checkered napkins to the hooks conveniently and inventively hanging the liquors and spirits from the ceiling, Le Chein Fumant is as chic as it is comfortable. The herb gardens visible out front also add valuable green space to the already beautiful Plateau; a welcome sight. With themed brunches on Sundays ranging from Spanish to Dim Sum, this impressively decorated restaurant is complete with everything required to make your stay in Montreal notably authentic. Le Chien Fumant, 4710 de Lanaudiere, Montreal.