Tour de Food: Kitchen Gallery Poisson

Nestled into the narrow streets of the Old Port is the second instalment of Kitchen Gallery, Kitchen Gallery Poisson. Known for, obviously, their fish, this small restaurant with an open kitchen will dazzle your taste buds with notable catches of the day. To ensure freshness, this place does not over-purchase their fish; so expect them to cross off different types on their chalkboard menu as they sell out.

KGP was opened in June of last year by Jean-Phillipe St. Denis, one of the co-owners of the original Kitchen Gallery in Montreal, who was after a new challenge. The result has been an exciting and refreshing dining spot for a young professional that offers a top-notch oyster bar on top of many other delights from the sea. (You better believe the salmon tartare is to die for here.)

For the biggest lovers of seafood, Montreal’s KGP is a total haven. Enjoy spectacular dishes like swordfish and scallops on a bed of risotto and experience how good seafood can taste when expert hands prepare it. The owners are the chefs and that is a welcome state of affairs, guaranteeing a vision in every dish served. Kitchen Gallery Poission makes dessert classy too, serving pastries from a cart and further inducing an authentic French dining experience. The portions are generous and the wine list is rich with private imports leaving Montreal’s Kitchen Gallery Poisson as a work of art to be fully enjoyed by all of the city’s young professionals. Kitchen Gallery Poisson, 399 Notre Dame West, Montreal.