Touchy Torontonians force mayor to consider “social distancing circles”

One nice day and y’all just couldn’t keep yourselves distant, could you?

Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods park was pretty much a festival over the weekend despite the fact that social distancing is literally the only job many people have right now.

I mean, look at this:

That there is COVID’s wet dream. And now the mayor has to get involved.

“We will have a report soon from our city officials on how we can make distancing rules better,” Tory said at a press conference on Monday. It seems kind of impossible to make the rule better beyond simply existing.

That said, Tory is considering “social distancing circles,” spaced six feet apart, in which no more than two people may take up space. Something like this, which appears to work in Brooklyn:

Likewise San Francisco:

Childish, yes, but necessary when people prove to be incapable of enjoying nice things.

My humble suggestion? Keep the circles in place post-pandemic.