Secrets of the Biz: The Total Mom Show

The Total Mom Show founder, Anna Sinclair, wears a ton of hats. As a former Family Channel and Disney Channel star, she still sings and writes music for her loyal fans. She’s also the proud owner of @YourLegacyLifestyle blog which provides moms and young families with simple answers to health and wellness topics; a modern mom’s hub to life-hacks, tutorials, and inspiration. She’s also a mother of two and a bugeoning event producer who uses her creative vision to bring ideas to tangible fruition.

Her latest project, The Total Mom Show – a special event created with experiential areas, beautiful décor and wellness pamper stations, and The Total Mom Show aims to stimulate all the senses. Guests can expect a thoughtfully curated roster of professionals, specialists and services relating to health, wellness, mom lifestyle, productivity and empowerment. They can recharge in a space designed for unwinding, getting expert advice, and getting special treatments for both mind and body. Anna Sinclair sat down with Notable Life to talk about how she thought of this exciting event and what Canadian moms can look forward to at The Total Mom Show.

The Total Mom Show is a super unique event for moms across the GTA – how did you get started?

I was in music and blogging before I got pregnant and was often sent products to feature on my blog. It was one day in my basement when I was sifting through “stuff” exhausted and unsure of where my new life was going,  that I realized that moms are treated like consumers from the moment we become pregnant. I felt like there was less focus on moms wellbeing, and more so about baby products. It hit me that we needed a festival to celebrate and support moms. The stroller and baby gear were not making me any happier, or my life any easier as a mother. It was the main reason that I created the 6 zones for all areas of mom life. The Total Mom show focuses on getting your mind, body, and soul in check. It’s not just a shopping experience. It’s a community that embraces motherhood with an emphasis on the mom.

What is the most rewarding part of hosting the Total Mom Show?

Over the last year and a half, Dina and I have had the privilege of getting to know our sponsors and vendors. We love working for ourselves on our own schedule. Hearing them say that this festival was needed and that they are glad we created something like this in the city is special. I cannot tell you how incredible it has been to get to know these women, their stories and their journeys. Most moms who had babies launched their businesses because they were inspired by their children. There is something magical about hearing someone create a brand or service from pure love for their children and seeing a need to help others. Our children really do make us better humans.

What are the components of the show you are most excited about?

Seeing a bunch of moms come together and meet the incredible wellness practitioners we have. It’s been 2 years in the making, so I have no doubt that we have selected the best of the best in the City to help moms achieve great balance in mind, body, and soul. It’s going to be emotional to see it all happen. Dina and I have worked so hard to create the space for moms to get educated, pampered and taken care of.

What is one thing (or more!) that every mother should do for herself?

Have a bath in peace in quiet with the lights off, a candle and no one to bug her! It can be so hard to quiet the mind when you have a lot of schedules and reminders and things to do and talk about. A nice warm bath is a great way to recharge and get a few moments alone. Sometimes I dunk my head underwater and listen to nothing but the rushing water and it’s actually quite therapeutic.

How do you achieve a healthy work-life balance?

A healthy work-life balance is probably the main thing that most moms struggle with. It’s not because we can’t, but because we just have so much going on! The moms of today who are running businesses from their home know that work and personal life is like a Twizzlers. It’s hard to know where it starts and where it ends. Moms are superheroes and we do so much that it’s just not humanly possible to have a perfect balance. Do more of what makes you happy. If that means going to a random dance class by yourself on Tuesday nights and leaving the kids with the husband then so be it. I believe that setting yourself up powerfully looks like having an extra set of hands, asking for help, dedicating activities that don’t involve your family and incorporating wellness into your monthly plans.

What tips do you have for other moms?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t feel guilty about choosing what you want. Use life hacks like meal delivery services, or ask a friend for support. We don’t have to do it all on our own. There is a reason they say it takes a village. Have you created yours? My number one tip is LOVE yourself because, at the end of the day, you’re the person who sees the world through your lens. Make it a powerful, abundant, world of possibilities. Life is as good as you see it. Be grateful for the challenges that bring on growth. Stressing about what’s wrong won’t help you see the good.
The first ever Total Mom Show will take place at the beautifully renovated event complex, The Symes (150 Symes Road) in the trendy west-end neighbourhood of “The Junction” in Toronto. With 10,000 attendees over the 2 days, this will be an event you don’t want to miss! The event will feature 2 floors with 6 zones representing all areas of mom lifestyle as well as 60+ local and national vendors. Between interactive areas, beautiful décor, wellness pamper stations, delectable food options, VIP treatment, and a vibrant stage, moms will have a chance to explore, get educated and unwind. To get your ticket, click here!