Toronto’s Old City Hall Might Be Turned Into a Mall

What’s the best way to preserve a 116-year-old heritage building? Turn it into a mall, of course!

That’s the potential future of Toronto’s Old City Hall once the current tenants move out in the next decade or so. Though a report by Toronto’s Chief Corporate Officer to the Government Management Committee suggests a host of uses that are probably much more suitable – including arts & culture, tech/innovation, finance, and international trade – a real estate brokerage firm hired by the city believes it would be best to turn it into a retail and food service space.

This thinking is, we assume, purely motivated by potential for profit.

“Respect the heritage of the building” is one of the prerequisites for new tenants outlined in the report, which, aside from not literally destroying the structure, is something we doubt a mall could accomplish.

One thing’s for sure, The Eaton’s Centre is probably stoked about this.