Toronto’s New Library of Things Opens, Lets You Borrow All The Things

Have you ever spent far too much of your salary on gym gear only to find it lying dormant in your closet two weeks later when you decided the treadmill just wasn’t for you?

Or realized you weren’t the next Van Gogh – one easel, six canvases, and a truckload of expensive acrylic paints later.

Thankfully, the people behind The Sharing Depot understand what fickle little humans we are. So they recently launched their library of things, which allows members to borrow thousands of items including camping gear, sporting equipment, house party supplies and board games for just $50 a year.

Instead of wasting your hard earned cash and cluttering up your apartment with things you only use a couple of times a year, you can borrow inventory for up to one week with a frequent membership package.

Photo: The Sharing Depot

Photo: The Sharing Depot

The best part is that the items in the depot were either donated or they’re durable and environmentally friendly – thus minimizing our impact on the planet.

So hire a disco ball for your birthday party, a picnic basket for Trinity Bellwoods if the weekend forecast is sunny, or a crème brulee torch to impress (and terrify) your dinner guests.

The Sharing Depot comes from the people who brought you the The Toronto Tool Library – which allowed Torontonians to borrow a drill or a screwdriver for their home renovations without having to invest in pricey equipment.

We also told you about The Kitchen Library, offering cramped condo-dwellers the opportunity to rent out a chocolate fountain or pasta maker on a temporary basis.

Like all libraries, it’ll get better the more we use it – so as more people donate stock and frequent the depot, the quantity and range of articles on offer will improve.

A membership will also give you free entrance to year-round swapping events at the store on 1803 Danforth Avenue.

But remember: you HAVE to give the Etch-a-Sketch back at the end of the week. No arguments.