Toronto’s Most Notable Irish Establishments

With St. Patty’s Day just around the corner, we’re rounding up some of the city’s finest exemplars of Irish establishments. Most notably pubby in nature, these spots are the true reps of the Green Isle, bringing dark, creamy beers and hearty, rich bites together in ways worthy of keepers of gold themselves…

PJ O’Brien’s
This St. Lawrence-area stalwart has been serving up the luck of the Irish for years. It’s always boisterous inside, especially with the after-work crowd. Traditional stews, fish ‘n chips, and pies abound, and you’ll never be hard up looking for a Guinness or Kilkenny.

The Irish Embassy
One of P.J. O’Brien’s sister restaurants, Irish Embassy is a bit more of a classy spot, where you’ll see suits lining the bar daily looking for a stiff pour of whisky. The food is treated with more finesse here, and the service is always on-point.

Long-time Danforth gem Allen’s is an ode to the Irish saloons of yesteryear. With a massive menu of hearty dishes – order a steak and potatoes here and never wonder why you walked in the door – and a gorgeous backyard patio, Allen’s also has a scotch and whisky list that’ll make any parched palate quiver with glee.

Ceili Cottage
East end favourite spot Ceili Cottage is the hearth of Ireland in Toronto. Shucker Paddy sends oysters out the kitchen at lightning speeds, while the rest of the cooks send forth plate after plate of gourmet takes on staples. Try the full roast dinner with all the fixins on Sundays. Ceili Cottage also boasts one of the quaintest patios in the city, perfect for summertime sipping.

Murphy’s Law
We adore Murphy’s Law. The food is always solid insofar as pubs are concerned. (You won’t get the best, but you certainly aren’t getting the worst). The drinks are always free-flowing. And the rooftop patio is a hotspot – both figuratively and literally – in the summer. It’s a bit of a trek for any Downtowners or Westenders… but it’s worth the trip over the DVP.

Photo courtesy Irish Embassy Pub & Grill