Toronto’s Indie Coffee Passport

Back again for another year, as we at Notable have been loving so far, is Toronto’s Indie Coffee Passport. A unique way to experience independent coffee culture and cast off the restricting coffee … chains (get it?), Torontonians can buy a passport with 30 different coffee shops inside, each with a free pass for a cup of coffee or tea worth up to $4. A little quick math will tell you that for only $25, it’s a great deal.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. The only potential problem (in this otherwise fabulous program) is the locations, or lack thereof.  However, we thought of this, too. When it’s freezing outside, you don’t want to have to scale the few and far between locations just to grab a hot cup and save a few bucks. This is how practical the locations are, geographically speaking.


Expiring March 31st, it’s not too late to buy your coffee passport and indulge in real quality coffee for a few months when you need it most those dark, cold winter days.

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