Toronto’s Cut the Cheese is No Joke

Here’s the thing: you’re probably wrong. It’s not your fault of course, it’s Kraft’s. You see, a long time ago they convinced you (when you were young and impressionable) that one or two 3/4-ounce slices of bright orange “cheese” were all you needed to make a proper grilled cheese sandwich. They also made you believe that there was simply no better way to enjoy macaroni than the way they offered it. And so for years, you’ve been missing out, you’ve been calling foul on any place that wanted to open up and claim a new stance on these comfort foods. And you’ve been ever so wrong. 

To say the Toronto Grilled Cheese Fest was a failure would be an understatement. However, it seems the only complaints that weren’t being voiced had to do with the grilled cheese itself. After standing around in line for far too long (and not getting anywhere near the front), we decided if we really wanted to find out about the food we’d better head to the source instead, so last week we hit up The Junction for a date with Cut The Cheese (2901A Dundas West). 

Owned and operated by Randal So, this take-out joint is fast becoming a late night destination for anyone who enjoys treating their taste buds to inspiring cheese creations. Let’s be clear: this isn’t your mom’s grilled cheese. You won’t find a Panini press here, this is all grill. We’re talking high-end imported and local cheeses (we counted nine including their vegan option), specialty breads, house-made ketchups, and fresh ingredients that include roasted beets, butternut squash, apple-celery remoulade, poached pear in red wine, and deep-fried pork belly. Yes, it’s okay to start drooling. 

It doesn’t end there, however. That’s only one side of the menu. On the other you’ll find original gourmet mac n’ cheese selections that feature mouthwatering additions like deep-fried buttermilk popcorn chicken, sautéed chorizo, double-smoked bacon, oven-dried tomatoes, spicy cauliflower, and more. Homemade soups, pickles, and coleslaw, as well as hand-cut fries and fried cheese coins help to round out the menu, offering you all the sides you’ll ever need. 

There’s lots of space to stay and eat or you can simply call ahead and they’ll have your order ready and waiting for you. Chef Gavin Gusche and So have worked together to create a menu that’s basically the best comfort food you always thought you made pretty well – until you taste theirs. Having high-quality Fontina, Emmental, smoked Gouda, jalapeño Havarti, blue, and Brie cheese on hand certainly doesn’t hurt their case either.   

So the next time you find yourself with a craving for comfort (in the form of cheese) we suggest you hit up this Junction hot spot. Leave KD in high school where it belongs and step into the young professional world of gourmet grilled sandwiches and mac n’ cheese. You can get nostalgic all you want – just do it with premium ingredients and refined taste.  

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