Toronto’s Best Summer Cocktails

Summertime sipping is all too traditional a YP happening. And, as the season’s change, so do the cocktail lists. Looking for the perfect hot day hydrator? With a little booze in the mix, of course? Check out our list of five great summer drinks and where you can find them…

The Drake Hotel
The Drake is a favourite stop for us, especially the Sky Yard in the summer. This year, the hotel’s going all out and introducing an amusement park theme, replete with boozy lemonades. ‘Drakeland’ launches on June 22nd, but the Lemonade Stand starts serving up Rum and Raspberry Lemonade on the 21st.

Yours Truly
One of our favourite semi-new spots on the Ossington strip, Yours Truly’s food is matched only by its expertly prepared cocktails. Stop in here for some delish late night snacks and a classic Long Island Iced Tea, done, as to be expected, with precision and grace.

DEQ at the Ritz-Carlton
DEQ is definitely a must-stop spot on your summer patio hopping excavations. It’s classy yet comfortable, and always has a great mix of clientele. The Wood Fired Apple Sangria blends rum, apples, cherries, strawberries and soda with Tawse Echo Rosé. It couldn’t go down smoother.

Bar Wellington
If you’re looking for something a little more chill, then Bar Wellington’s your scene. The two patios are YP faves, especially the people-watching friendly second floor outlook. The Campari Cocktail is an amped up twist on a Screwdriver, adding, of course, Campari into the orangey mix.

Habits Gastropub
This is most definitely one of the best kept secrets in the city, but we’re letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Habits Gastropub has some absolutely phenomenal gastropub fare, alongside cocktails they infuse themselves on-site. The Cucumber Splash is a fresh flavour, with cucumber-infused gin, absinthe, and fresh lemon juice.

Photo courtesy DEQ at the Ritz-Carlton