Toronto’s Best New Cafe of 2014 as Chosen by You

And the winner is…

M Square Coffee Co.

Almost smack in the middle of the Toronto core, just minutes away from Vogue magazines 2nd favorite stretch of street on the planet, is your favourite new Cafe of 2014; to the tune of almost 50% of your votes.

By serving great espressos and selling top-quality beans, offering healthy breakfast and lunch options, and allowing you to visit without risking hypothermia (PATH-accessible!), M Square proved to be the strongest of our Cafe contenders – by an exponential margin.

Coming in a close and commanding 2nd was Rosedale’s Boxcar Social with about 37% of your votes. Top quality Ethiopian and Kenyan coffee? 25 scotches and bourbons? Charcuterie? Ya, it’s not hard to like this place.

Other locations that brewed up some solid support were Portland Variety, Pilot Coffee Roasters, and 9 Bars.

Below you’ll find a colourful cup of Joe that breaks down all the votes. If you have any thoughts on the matter, feel free to say something in the comments. Or, next time, don’t act like you’re so French pressed for time and just vote…   


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