Toronto’s Best New Brunch Spots

The holy institution that is brunch hinges on but three commandments. First, thou shalt eat naught but the best of the city. Second: Thou shalt share embarrassments from the night before with thine crew. Third: Thou shalt imbibe as kings, or the Great Caesar. With these three tenets ruling our search, here are the five newest entries in the Brunch Bible…

Rose and Sons
Chef Anthony Rose’s newest venture has likely already embedded itself in your mind as the city’s latest best brunch restaurant thanks to the bombardment of food porn pics flying around social media channels and causing on-the-go drooling of Homer Simpson levels. The good news? As with regular porn, the real deal is always better than the pictures… 

La Carnita
Only a couple weeks into their brunch service and La Carnita has already reached a level of buzz not seen since, well, when La Carnita opened. Props to the Mexican brunch festivities that pair perfectly with some expertly-crafted cocktails. We’ll wait in line for that.

Hoof Cafe
When Jen Agg announced the return of the Hoof Cafe weekend brunch – to be found within the Hoof’s Raw Bar which, of course, is the former home of the Hoof Cafe – we could actually hear the tears of joy rolling down the faces of fanatical foodies. Luckily, the hype is justified, and the lines not quite as long as the Cafe’s first incarnation.

Chef Stuart Cameron’s authentic Spanish cuisine set amidst the backdrop of Patria’s beautiful decor is like finding Brunch Mecca. A hotspot at night indeed, but Patria shows equal strength when it comes to the lustre of brunch, and brings a unique breaky experience you really can’t find anywhere else in this city of followers.

Origin Liberty
Chef Claudio Aprile’s second outpost of the Origin brand is cooler, bigger, and more in tune with our love of brunch than the first. Like a shot to your senses – get it, because the restaurant’s in an old gun factory… #lame – Origin Liberty’s brunch is for the weekend warrior. It’s a battle you’ll always win.

Top photo courtesy La Carnita