Toronto’s Best Mac ‘n’ Cheese as Voted by You

And the winner is…

The Gabardine

It has been a strong year so far for the Bay Street crowd in polls; first getting the nod for Best New Bar of 2014 and now with over 25% of the ballots, awarding the Bay & Richmond Garbardine with the best rendition of everyone’s favourite fromage-based pasta.

But it wasn’t a blowout. Only 3 points behind them in the polls was the Danforth’s The Auld Spot, boasting a flavourful cheese mix and the unique option for a shrimp add-on. 3rd place stayed east and went to the fully loaded masterpiece from Prohibition Gastrohouse at Broadview and Queen.

Below you’ll find our own colourful concoction that breaks down all the votes. If you disagree with anything you see, let us know in the comments, or next time, don’t be such a wet noodle and vote…


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