Toronto’s Best Late Night Eats

After the bar at 3am…well, sometimes you just want something more substantial than a falafel or slice of pizza, right? Luckily, Toronto does have a few little late night gems to get your freak…er…eat on. Just be prepared for the absurdity of the drunks surrounding you… 

Lakeview Restaurant
This is a staple for late night eats in Toronto. It’s got decent food, some comfy-ish seats, and attentive staff (though they’re often annoyed at 4am and some have even played tricks on us in our not-so-together states). The late night menu at the Lakeview has about 50 items…so no matter what, everyone in your crew is guaranteed a craving crasher. (PS Try the Fromage a Trois…it’s simply delish.)

7 West Cafe
Another 24-hour spot, 7 West Cafe caters to the late night Yorkville crowd. Found just south of Yonge and Bloor, 7 West has some notable wee hour nosh, like the Sicilian pita pizza, or the pulled pork nachos. Hop on over next time you spend the night dancing at Babaluu or drinking at Hemingway’s…it’ll serve you well and help subdue the next-day hangover.

Pho Pasteur
This is one of our favourite pho places no matter the time of day. But after a night out in Kensington at Cold Tea, it’s even more sublime. Terrible lighting, uncomfortable seating, and nonchalant service may be somewhat tedious, however the pho and Vietnamese spring rolls are excellent at Pho Pasteur. (Especially at 5am.) 

Who doesn’t know about Fran’s? Seriously. This is another staple in the city, which now boasts three locations. The best bet of the trio for 24-hour dining is the one at Victoria and Shuter, right across from Massey Hall. It’s larger than the other heavily-trafficked one on College Street, and the staff seems to do better dealing with the late-night imbibers. Bonus: the milkshakes. Nuff said. 

The Thompson Diner
Now this one’s just too perfect for you Thompson roof-top fans. The Thompson Diner – formerly The Counter, even though everyone still calls it that – has an awesome mac n cheese, a tasty nacho platter, decent crab cakes, and sweet fish and chips. It’s diner food with a boutique twist… and it’s 24-hours a day.