Toronto’s Best Japanese Food/Sushi As Voted By You

And the winner is:


Whether finding its small solace between Bay and University or its relatively larger luxury in the Beaches, this authentic (yet creative) sushi spot was your clear favourite – beating out its closest competitor with nearly 75% more votes.

They may be small, but they definitely pack a punch. 

Second, third, and fourth place was much more exciting as there was actually a tie for both the final spot on the winner’s podium and the consolation prize. 

By a grain of rice, West End chef’s tasting menu Sushi Kaji took silver. Right on their heels was the swanky downtown core JaBistro and the ever-popular Guu Izakaya, both with 9.2% of the total votes.   

Then, just off the podium, in a three way tie for fourth, was the front-runner of the “Other” category, Kujira Japanese Cuisine alongside east side contenders Zen and Zakkushi Yakitori

Below you’ll find a rainbow sushi-pizza that breaks down all the votes. Take a look, and if you disagree with what you see, let us know in the comment section. Or, next time, Donburi your head in the sand when you should be voting instead…


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