Toronto’s Best Healthy Restaurant As Voted by You

And the winner is…

The Goods.

It ended up being a two-horse race, but this Dufferin & Dundas shop specializing in smoothies, salads, soups and cereal earned your convincing choice for Toronto’s best healthy restaurant with just under 40% of the votes. It’s clean, delicious stuff, but it’s also super-convenient; their 4-day-a-week lunch delivery service (“Lunch Club”) is definitely worth checking out.

In second place was the always busy, always filling Fresh. They now have four locations around Toronto and recently launched a cold-pressed juice menu with over 10 great, healthy juices from which to choose. 

Other notable contenders were Live Organic Food Bar with 7.4% of your vote, Urban Herbivore with 4% of your vote, and the most popular submission from the “Other” category, Kupfert & Kim, located in five spots throughout downtown and the financial core, earning 3% of your votes.

Below you’ll find a colourful quinoa patty that breaks down all the votes. If you see something you don’t like, let us know in the comments. Or, next time, don’t act like you’re so cold-pressed for time and just vote…

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