Best Burgers in Toronto: Rude Boy

If you’re over in the west side of Toronto and hunger strikes, look no further than The Rude Boy for one of the best burgers in town. Contrary to its name, The Rude Boy is full of friendly staff and has a chilled out vibe that millennials will enjoy. The atmosphere at this Toronto restaurant is laid back cool, plus the music playlists are fun and turned up loud, so you can hang out or catch up with friends while you’re tucking into your burger.

The Rude Boy has some of the best burgers in the Toronto, with a huge variety of gourmet options for topping your patty, along with some of the best sides, like parmesan fries, kimchi fries, salad and onion rings. We thoroughly recommend the Seoul Man at this restaurant, which combines fermented kimchi made on site, garlic aioli and tangy Korean inspired BBQ sauce. Or perhaps you feel like trying Rude Boy’s namesake burger, packed to burst with house made peameal bacon, double smoked bacon, cheddar, pickled red onion and a house blanche de Chambly mustard.

You can’t beat a restaurant that has a section of it’s website dedicated to libations, and after you’ve lined your stomachs we’d definitely recommend you checking out some of the best cocktails on offer at this Toronto burger joint. Sip on a Dark Mule, with whisky, maple syrup, lime and bitters. Or order a Whisky Hot and Sour, that combines lemon, egg white, tabasco, all topped off with some ground chilies. Although these burgers may look fancy, their prices are another unique selling point, and if you head to The Rude Boy on a Monday, when one of their burgers will only set you back a reasonable $5. Which means that you now have absolutely zero excuses for not visiting this Toronto burger nirvana – the diet will just have to wait when it comes to this Toronto restaurant.