Best Burgers in Toronto: Apache Burgers

An iconic part of the Toronto dining scene, Apache Burgers is one of the city’s best loved fast food eateries. The Etobicoke restaurant has been serving up burgers, hot dogs and fries since 1969, meaning that a lot of it’s modern day gourmet competitors were not even born when Apache first ordered up, coming up for fifty years ago. It has that classic diner feel, with red plastic seats, shiny floors, and Marilyn Monroe’s face beaming down for her poster on the wall.

The burgers here are juicy, greasy and filling. But if you were looking for thematic burgers and crazy fillings like you see in trendy upscale restaurants, you’re definitely in the wrong place at Apache Burgers. This sweet, old-fashioned diner serves up some of the best classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers that really hit the spot, without all the bells and whistles that a lot of the new burger restaurants are fond of. The Toronto spot serves great onion rings and poutine to tack on to your order. The burgers do not promise to change your life, but you’re paying for the nostalgia that comes with this Toronto institution when you visit Apache (some call that the best part). With Toronto Maple Leaf players circa 1990 still on the wall, you’ll feel like you’re stuck in a time warp. And this extends to the restaurant only accepting cash and no plastic too, so make sure you bring your dollar bills if you’re planning on heading to Apache Burgers.

Plus, if it’s good enough for the Academy Award nominated Room, shot in and around Toronto, it’s good enough for us. Academy Award winner (best supporting actress) Brie Larson shared a bite to eat here with co-star, Jacob Tremblay, in the critically acclaimed drama, when they filmed in Apache Burgers. This is nothing short of a Toronto landmark, and interest in this retro burger joint shows no signs of stopping.