Toronto’s Best Brunch As Voted By You

Last week The Bristol called us out when we didn’t include them in the list of the nine suggestions we provide for every poll.

And they were right to. 

After one week and hundreds and hundreds of votes, they climbed all the way up to second place. By utilizing the ‘other’ selection and writing The Bristol (or any variation thereof), we counted up the votes and it ended in our closest ballot yet – with The Bristol just six votes behind our winner for the best brunch in Toronto as voted by you


For you curious types, some of the other ‘others’ to enjoy votes were Starving Artist, Le Petit Déjeuner, Rose and Sons, and Universal Grill.

Below you’ll find a bar graph that breaks down all the big numbers. Take a look and if you disagree with what you see, let us know in the comment section, or, you know, just vote next time. 


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