Toronto’s Best BBQ As Voted By You

And the winner is: 

AAA Bar. (Also known as Triple A Bar.)

It seems you prefer your BBQ Central Texas-style. And who could blame you. Barrel smokers, brisket, dry-rub ribs, and more than 25 bourbons sounds like a night – or week – in heaven to us too. 

Hogtown Smoke and Marky & Sparky’s Smokehouse both made solid pushes while

Stack and The Q picked up a lot of steam in the ‘other’ category and ended up finishing tied for second and in fifth place, respectively. 

Below you’ll find a 3D pie graph – ‘cause we fancy – that breaks down all the big numbers. Take a look, and if you disagree with what you see let us know in the comment section. Or, you know, just vote next time.  


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