Toronto’s Best After Work Patio: Schmoozing at Maison Mercer

Is there anything better than a patio on a Friday afternoon?

Don’t try to answer that. You can’t.

So when we gathered on the rooftop terrace at Maison Mercer (aka: an urban oasis) on Friday night for our Schmooze event, we knew we were in for something special. 

Hundreds of stylish young professionals (YPs) collected on the furnished wooden patio complete with two fully stocked bars – a feature we were definitely glad to have as the space filled up so quickly.

For you non-mathematicians out there, two bars = more drinks in less time.

It wasn’t just the happy hour prices (without happy hour time restriction) that were putting smiles on people’s faces, but $5 beers, cocktails, and glasses of wine do have a tendency to do that. 

Like most Canadians, this chic crowd, including Shay Lowe and Jennifer Dawson, couldn’t wait to step into their heels and not have to pretend that the weather was something it wasn’t. The terrace was the perfect temperature for designer dresses to make an appearance that had otherwise been forced to stay in the closet for far too long this year.

Gourmet burgers were grilled on the barbeque, a DJ kept the evening bouncing with a combination of retro and new age beats, and Instagram nearly had a meltdown with all the shots being taken of the perfect #Friday afternoon scene. 

Happening all summer long at Maison Mercer, Schmooze is exactly where you want your workweek to end and your weekend to begin. 

TGIF has a new home. 

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#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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