Toronto’s 5th Annual No Pants Subway Ride

Hundreds, hopefully thousands, of Torontonians are preparing to bare (almost) all on the TTC on Sunday, January 8 for the 5th annual No Pants Subway Ride. Organized by Improv in Toronto, the event kicks off at 3pm sharp at Museum subway station on the University line. Participants are encouraged to meet at the horseman statue in Queen’s Park prior to departure.

Team leaders will be assembling small groups and instructing them to de-pants at a particular stop, until all riders are eventually bottomless as their respective trains approach the final destination at Eglinton station on the Yonge line.

It all seems like fun and games, but there are some keys to note to ensure the successful launch of the event. Participants are encouraged to refrain from conversing, as the goal is to appear as if a massive group of strangers randomly boarded the TTC that afternoon for reasons they can make up when the time comes. Anything that would imply this is a silly stunt, such as costumes, masks, etc., is discouraged to enforce the normalcy of the event. Basically, stay in regular character and you should be fine.

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Photo courtesy Improv Toronto