Toronto Will Feel Winter’s Wrath This Week With -20 Temperatures

You may have looked at the seven-day forecast recently and thought, “hmm, not bad.”

Sure, a quick glance reveals temperatures between -5 and -8 degrees Celsius over the next few days, but that’s not quite the reality. Weather, after all, is all about how it feels – not how it looks. 

Gusts of Arctic air up to 60 km/h will plummet temperatures to around -15 degrees Celsius starting today and throughout most of the weekend. You can expect daytime highs of around -5. There’s even a -19 thrown in for good measure.


“What we see this week are the coldest temperatures this winter so far,” said Dave Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada. “Although the weather doesn’t look like winter, it sure will feel like it.”

Sometimes, even at the end of the week, you just want to rewind to Tuesday (which saw a high of around 4 degrees Celsius, which is 7 degrees warmer than it should be for this time of year).

Don’t say we didn’t warn you this winter is going to be hell.