Toronto Welcomes its First Completely Non-Smoking Apartment Building

There’s nothing worse than going to check out a new condo only to find that the previous tenants had chain smoked in the living room for the past two years.

Let’s be honest, no one prefers their apartment has a ‘hint of cigarette’ or an ‘eau du ashtray’.

But with second-hand smoke continually on the rise, there’s finally a building in Toronto that vows to be 100 per cent smoke-free and is ideal for health-conscious millennials and eco-friendly city dwellers.

Dubbed Alto, the chic eight-storey, 95-unit building  is located in the heart of Toronto’s Little Portugal and offers a modern, clean-living option in a vibrant community.

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Photo – Alto

Residents’ leases stipulate that Alto is a non-smoking building and building manager Nadia Galdames says “legal action would be taken” if the rule is broken, so residents will never have to worry about pesky neighbours flooding the hallways and terraces with unwanted smoke.

In addition to being a completely smoke-free building, Alto is also a trailblazer when it comes to environmentally friendly urban living as residents will be able to receive their power from Bullfrog, which provides electricity from wind and low-impact hydro options. There are also communal bikes available for sharing, as well as three rental cars on the premises for those looking to get out of the city or run some errands for a few hours.

For over a decade, smoking has been prohibited in common areas of apartments and condos but the vast majority of residential buildings are frivolous when it comes to following through with smoking bans. We can only hope Alto will be able to set an example for other new buildings across the city.

Not to mention, if Toronto wants to continue being home to the healthiest people in Ontario, it’s going to have to continue to do its part.