Toronto Weekender: October 9 through 12, 2014

Oh, how we’ve missed that tryptophan haze.

Whether you’re staying in the city (rather than visiting your parents) or it’s your one true home, Toronto has everything you need to get you through the next four days. The fifth, however, is up to you.

So sit back, settle in, and stop talking turkey – the weekend is officially here.


Start out your weekend by going old school at the Toronto Vintage Market.

Shine On by getting fairytaled out for a good cause.

We told you Fresh Off The Boat was coming. Well, here it is.

Dai Lo does Thoroughbred. That’s a fun way of saying this is where you should eat tonight.

Art therapy’s a real thing. Project Art proves it.

Presenting a carefully curated selection of international and local brands in a fresh approach to the pop-up shop, the Toronto Lifestyle Market will have all your stylish needs covered, including full apparel from Vancouver’s Lords of Gastown and California’s Matiere.

Marketa Irglova (you know her as the co-star of Once) is set to play the Mod Club tonight. Be there if you know what’s good for your ears.

If we felt like starting a fight about rock music, we’d first do the rock star thing and drink a bottle of Jack Daniels. Then we’d say something like, “Titus Andronicus’ The Monitor is the best f@!?ing rock album of the decade, garble garble garble.” Of course, then we’d wake up with all kinds of regret, but not because when sober we’d realize how outlandish it was to proclaim The Monitor the best rock album of the decade; rather, because we missed this concert. 

“Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.” ‘Cause they always do. Just sit in the audience tonight when superstar Russell Peters rocks the ACC and tell us your stomach isn’t aching from all the laughter.

What do you do after seeing Russell Peters live? You go to Russell Peters’ official after party obviously.

Don’t give up on Jason Mraz, even if the skies get rough – inside Massey Hall.


This is where you get a job.

Toronto After Burn. If you’ve gotta ask, you weren’t there, maaaannnn.

We told you yesterday and we weren’t kidding: Friday Night Live is the place to be tonight.

Esperanza Spalding smooth jazz is Black Gold.

She blew up this summer with Boom Clap and now CHARLI XCX is playing the Hoxton. This is your weekend sing-along dance party. Oh, and the sound of your heart, too.

Fans of Supernatural, unite. The magic here is getting to see Sam in person.

Halloween’s not for a few weeks but the time to get freaked out is now. You can thank Screemers for that. 


It’s October, which means if you’re going to go on a scavenger hunt it better be haunted.

Want to bring back a lot of memories of grade 10 English? Go see To Kill a Mocking Bird.

For the next three weeks the Toronto Chocolate Festival is taking over the city. And that is the best sentence you’ll read all day.

Saturday night theatre? Here’s a double kick for all your thespian needs.

We’re happy Long Winter is back – we just wish their name didn’t remind of us what’s coming.

The last Toronto Flower Market is taking place. This is your last chance to pretend winter isn’t coming. 

Watching people do really stupid and embarrassing things and knowing they won’t remember is really funny. And this time, we’re not even talking about your friend who drinks too much, too often.


If you’re going to have Thanksgiving Brunch, you’d better have it at a castle. Seriously.   

Here’s a free poll dance for Thanksgiving. You’re welcome.

We put together a list of every place you want to eat Thanksgiving dinner today and/or tomorrow in Toronto. It’s turkey time.

Miss celebrating Thanksgiving like you did in university? No problem, we got you.

‘Cause why wouldn’t you celebrate the harvest by heading to a club? Or two for that matter.

Well, that’s it, that’s all.
Four days and more than 30 ways to spend them.

Just remember: FOMO isn’t real if you’re there.

Stay Notable,
The Weekender 


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