Toronto Weekender: November 24th through 27th, 2011

Tis the season for giving, and tonight the Good Foot Getdown at the CSI Annex Lounge is the perfect way to bring tidings of joy. Good Foot Delivery – a non-profit courier company that offers people living with developmental disabilities an opportunity to work with the downtown Toronto business community – is hosting this evening of socially progressive and ecologically supportive entertainment, drinks, and networking. It’s a great way to support a unique NFP and help give YPs of all kinds a leg up in our city.

Since you’ll be in the area, check out Guu Sakabar. We know, we know, it isn’t quite as spectacular as its predecessor on Church Street, but it’s definitely still worth your attention. We’re actually shocked how many YPs have yet to check out either spot. Guu is one of the closest permutations you’ll find to an authentic Japanese Izakaya, and the Annex location is notable for its rich list of sakes and cocktails. Grab a few small share plates, order something new of the sake menu, and say “Sayonara” to Thursday night.

On Friday, hitch up a spot at Morgan’s on the Danforth. It’s a new spot that opened just about a week ago, and has a focus on Ontario Craft Beers. Full disclosure: We haven’t had a chance to make our way there, but a couple of our notable friends have said the beer selection is decent and it’s a good spot to loosen your ties and kick off your heels and relax after a hectic work week.

For dinner, you can try your hand at nabbing a spot at the newest Pizzeria Libretto location, also conveniently posted on the Danforth. Word of warning: There’s a good chance you’ll be in for a wait. The second location of this Neapolitan-style wonder opened just a couple days ago, and if the first location’s success is any sort of barometer, Greeked-out (as in tired of the lack of options of non-Athenian dining spots) Danforthians will be flocking for wood-fired oven thin crust greatness immediately.

The Whole Life Expo kicks off tomorrow, and it’s a prime spot to learn how to give back to yourself. You’re a busy YP, but learning to take care of your mind, body, and soul is something that definitely takes more than just a moment of your time. Learn some alternative cures for stress and stock up on health supplements at this weekend-long granola-for-the-21st-century expo. (Some bottles of vitamin D might do you well for the coming months…)

On Saturday, stop into the the ROM. The Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World exhibit opened recently, and it’s a great chance to explore one of the wonderful ancient cultures rich with unabashed history. A definitely wicked part of this exhibit is that both of the ROM’s restaurants – the semi-upscale c5 Restaurant and Lounge and the more casual Food Studio eatery – have prepped Mexican/Mayan inspired menus to pair with the cultural phenom in the museum.

The One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale kicks off this weekend. (Can you hear the choirs’ voices?) Can we just say we love this annual event? (Of course we can, it’s our site!) Over 800 exhibitors will pack the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place for a consortium of artisan goods. It’s the perfect spot to grab goods for gift-giving and, our favourite part, picking up some wonderful spreads, dips, jellies, jams, and the like.

After a day wandering around at two exceptional shows, head up to midtown and park yourself a spot at The Construction Site. Odd name, we know, but The CS – which just opened on Thursday – is doing major renovations to our ideas of the grilled cheese, and some comfort-loving YPs will certainly find a new love in this spot. PS You can tweet them you’re choice music and they’ll try to schedule the song in while you’re there.

On Sunday morning, head out West(ish) to Brockton General and dive into some delish brunch. It’s a cool spot for wake-me-ups and you can grab the prix fixe $17 brunch with a boozey drink…not too shabby, good friends.

Our recommendation for Sunday afternoon? Shopping. There are ‘Black Friday’ deals across the city (and if you have the chance to pile in a car and head south of the border, you’ll find many more). The malls are just going to get busier, and the shops more difficult to navigate; do what you can now to get the insanity out of the way so you can enjoy December weekends. Seriously, we’re not even going to suggest anything else. We’re not even going to give you a great dinner spot…though, we will say, Table 17 is pretty awesome, and you can BYOW. (Which, in essence, is like giving back to your wallet.)