Toronto Weekender: January 12 through 15, 2012

DonDon Izakaya has finally opened after months of murmurs. Sure, we already have two Guu locations, but it’s about time that the city started to get some new restaurants outside of the Italian/Mediterranean jive. This Izakaya is in soft-launch mode right now, and is open from 5pm til 11pm nightly at its Dundas and Bay location. Give them a call tonight before you head over, and make sure there’s a spot for you and yours.

Afterwards, head over to Kensington Market, through the Kensington Mall, and find the semi-hidden door for the recently opened Cold Tea bar. Order up an Asian-inspired cocktail, prepared expertly we might add, and enjoy this hidden gem of a spot.

Friday the 13th is traditionally associated with boogeymen, terrible 80s flicks that just won’t die, and, basically, gloom and doom. We say slash (get it?) that old misconception and make this 13th one of joy and jubilation.

Grab an after-work bite at the brand spankin’ new Burger’s Priest north on Yonge near Lawrence. While you’ll likely have to wait awhile for a table – TO’s famed burger house opened the second location just this past Monday – the lineup is so worth the wait. Plus, having to head so far north means that by the time you’re back downtown you’ll be ready for the night.

Arthur Baker and Filthy Gorgeous will be down at The Hoxton on Friday. Baker is an internationally-renowned hip-hop producer turned remix artist, known for his work with prolific artists and innovative edits.

Friday the 13th (it’s just fun to say, non?) also marks the debut of Cabaret at Hart House Theatre. From the rider: “In this dark, sexy musical, anything goes: loose women, looser men, and a cocktail of drugs, booze, & music that keeps the fantasy alive in the midst of Nazi Germany.” Sounds salacious.

Post-13th brunch calls for a stop-in at Table 17. If you’ve never been, you simply must. The food is delish and the atmosphere sublime. Order up some Pain Dore and relax in blissful respite. 

Saturday evening head over to Bar Mozza at Alimento on King West for dinner. This spot finally opened early November – after about a year and a half signage plastered on the building’s sides announcing its impending opening – and is kind of like a fusion of grocery store meets bakery meets eatery. All you need to worry about is it’s a joint where food meets plate.

And, ladies and gents, in case you are blithely unaware, Notable’s first party of the year is Saturday night, and lo and behold it’s conveniently on the King West strip as well, at the ready-to-publicly launch Bloke & 4th. This is a Notable members-only party, so you’ll have exclusive access simply by being an in-the-know Notable. Killer, right? Get on the guest list here.

Grab Sunday brunch at The Stockyards. We know, we know, it may not be the most central of locales to frequent, but you have to get out of the core every now and then if you want to call yourself a true Torontonian. Halfway through your meal you’ll be done cursing the transit system. Promise.

There you have it, the Notable list for the coming weekend. If you’re anything like us, you’re making calls and sending texts and filling up your calendar. Good show, ladies and gents!