Toronto Weekender: December 31 through January 4, 2015

You all know the deal.

You’ve been weighing resolutions and hoarding bubbly for weeks now. You’re mentally prepared for the great annual reset and the only questions left are where and when.

And that’s why we’re here – we’re good at answering tough questions.

Well, that and taking over the world. But one step at a time. First, let’s settle for simply taking over the weekend.

It all starts now, Toronto… 


The countdown has officially begun.

If you’re not just planning to stay home with your cats and pick Smartfood out of your pajamas, make sure you check out Where to Spend New Year’s Eve 2015 in Toronto for tonight’s best events around Toronto. 

And in case you’re in the market for ideas, here are some resolutions you might consider making.


Happy Freakin’ New Year!

As a quick reminder, check out what’s open in Toronto on New Year’s Day.

More importantly though, nothing clears up a hangover like a cold shower. And by “a cold shower”, we mean “putting on a Speedo and jumping into freezing cold water with a bunch of strangers.” Raising money for charity is also a great way to start 2015.

There are several Polar Bear Dips going on today including The Courage Polar Bear Dip in support of World Vision Canada and The 10th Annual Toronto Polar Bear Club Dip in support of Habitat for Humanity. Or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous and you’re either a woman or a man with a person who can pretend to be in a relationship with you, you can hit the Oasis Aqualounge Naked Polar Dip. Transportation leaves from 231 Mutual Street at 12:00pm. Pick one and dive in. #shrinkage

For the more aggressive fitness types, The Balmy Beach Club is hosting the 35th Annual Hair of the Dog 9K Run & 3K Walk. Admission is $30 for adults and $10 for people under 19. The fees include lunch as well as someone calling EMS if you have a heart attack.

If you’re ready to waltz into the New Year with some culture under your belt, you might want to hit Roy Thompson Hall at 2:30 for their Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert. There’s also a VIP option that allows you to meet the performers.


Anyone care for a little game of stick-puck?! (That is what it’s called, right?) Well if so, the World Junior Championships are well underway and today there are three games scheduled at the ACC: a qualifying 11am match, a quarter-final game at 3pm, and another quarter-final at 8pm. Be a good Canadian and check it out. Even if only at a bar.   

Canada’s Top 10 Film Festival kicks off at TIFF Lightbox. That means 10 days, $10 a ticket, and the 10 best films – plus shorts – to come out of this great country last year. Oh, there’s also a live “In Conversation” session with Keanu Reeves on one of the days…woah.  

For only 3 more nights, Blades on Stage is at the Princess of Whales Theatre. This show features some of Canada’s best figure skaters (Elvis Stojko, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Violetta Afanasieva, & Pete Dack) performing on ice in a theatre in a production entirely designed and built for this beautiful Toronto venue. This will definitely help take the post-NYE edge off.

Comedy Bar is throwing a Weird Al Karaoke performance where a bunch of comedians sing classic parody hits from everyone’s favourite musical goofball. Sounds like an Amish Paradise to us. They’re also doing their side-splitting Catch 23 show tonight from 8-9pm.


The World Junior Championship continues at the ACC with a 7pm game tonight. No matter who is playing, make sure you’re wearing something red.

Or if you’re into rooting for ze Germans somewhere a little hotter and sweatier than an ice rink, the Colonia duo Andhim are performing at Coda.

The Harbourfront Centre is throwing Dutty Skate for DJ Skate Night to give the cold weather a pinch of Jamaica with some reggae & dancehall vibes. Dutty DJs Choppa Chop and Paul E Lopes will be behind the tables making sure you need to hit the showers.


What better way to start your 2015 Sunday Brunch Program than with live bluegrass music and all-you-can-eat scrambled eggs, peach-covered pancakes, sausages, potatoes, and fruit salad for only $20. That’s right; the Dakota Tavern Bluegrass Brunch is ready for the New Year…are you?

And apparently today is World Hypnotism Day. We don’t know how we know that, but somehow we do. The Hypno-Healing Institute of Toronto is holding an open-house and workshop to show people how the power of accessing their subconscious can help them heal and make leaps forward in their lives. You never know; of all the crazy things you’ve done that you can’t remember, this open-house could turn out to be one of the most valuable. 

Well there you have it, folks. The first weekend of 2015 is yours for the taking.
And just remember: “NoMo FOMO” should be on everyone’s list of New Year’s Resolutions.

Stay Notable,

The Weekender  


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