Toronto Was Just Ranked “Most Livable” City in the World by Metropolis Magazine

Well, it’s pretty much official.

We’re not the only ones who are having a love affair with Toronto (or, The 6) as of late.

Toronto has just been named the “Most Livable” by Metropolis Magazine. The publication praises the city for bouncing back from the infamous Rob Ford scandal and offers pretty much a million reasons why the city is so livable (aka amazing).

Despite the traffic that’s plagued our morning commute for the past few years, in an article written by Christopher Hume, he praises Toronto for our condos and office towers that “continue to pop up at a fast and furious rate.” This allows more people to enjoy the urban environment, and the fact that growth in the inner core now outpaces that of suburbia for the first time since the 70s, says Hume.

Hume also highlights Waterfront Toronto and its successful efforts to revitalize the city’s post-industrial harbor lands that have made the waterfront – complete with “frills” like Sugar Beach – “suddenly sexy.”

He also praises the revitalization of Regent Park by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, including its new cultural amenities and aquatic centre and an actual park.

Though Hume, not surprisingly, sites our sub-par transportation system (don’t even get us started on that one), it does highlight the new Union-Pearson Express service to the airport (which, for a single traveller is a total game-changer).

When it comes to multiculturalism, Toronto has obviously been winning in the diversity game for decades now. In terms of recent developments, Hume points out the Ismaili Centre/Aga Khan Museum in the city’s North End, which feature “two luminous structures” that are “contained within an exquisite contemporary version of a traditional Islamic garden.”

According to Hume, “the most obvious testament to the vitality of immigrant culture” is the city’s “burgeoning” culinary scene that we young professionals know and love all too well.

Of course, the Jays making the playoffs for the first time since ’93 would be the cherry on top.