Is This Toronto Restaurant’s “White” Label Racist?

Some people deem it racist, others find it hilarious.

We’re just here to give you the facts: A Toronto restaurant’s menu has gone viral after a reddit user posted a photo of its spicy scale…


Just kidding, we’re going to chime in – this is not racist. Another reddit user provided a perfectly reasonable explanation why the Korean restaurant’s least spicy optioned is labelled ‘white’:

“The Korean characters to the right would translate to the color white, not white people, which is a different word (백인). In Korean culture the color white is associated with purity, in this case the implication would be ‘without any, or very little spice of any kind’,” they explain.

Though you’d be hard-pressed to find a white person who’s actually offended by the scale, the restaurant made international headlines based on the false interpretation. Reports are circulating that

So for anyone who retreated to their safe space upon seeing the menu, consider coming back out and heading to Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu ASAP – we hear it’s delicious.