Toronto Police Will Stop Responding to Minor Car Crashes Next Week

For the next six days Toronto police will attend to your car if you have a minor crash – but after that you’re on your own.

As of next Tuesday, Toronto police will stop responding to ‘fender benders’ that result in minor injuries or no injuries at all.

If that sounds a little remiss of them, don’t worry – there’s still a contingency plan in place. Those involved in a minor car accident will be required to head to a collision reporting centre.

Meanwhile, the Toronto police will be free to focus on more serious matters, meaning they’re available to help if you have a real emergency on your hands.

In 2015, police responded to just under 64,000 collisions and almost 70 per cent of them were smaller, harmless incidents.

And while it’s always a good idea to report the matter to the police when in doubt, due to the increasing demand on police resources they won’t head out to you as of next Tuesday if the accident is deemed a minor one.

Constable Clint Stibbe told 680 NEWS, “We can’t keep up with the current rate of collisions that are increasing year over year, with the sheer number of vehicles that are coming into the city, and the sheer number of pedestrians that are using our roadways”.

Stay safe out there kids.