Toronto Men Just Got Their Own Holt Renfrew

This is how you change the game.

Two floors.
16,500 sq. ft.
Alexander McQueen.

Oh, and a Ferrari parked in the foyer.

Holt Renfrew Men just moved into 100 Bloor St. W. And you’d better start forming a queue, gentleman.

From luxurious personal shopping experiences to one of the best bespoke options in the entire city (Walter Beauchamp Tailors), Holt Renfrew seems to understand that the men in Toronto are willing to open up their wallets for the right fit.

There’s a rotating art collection; an entire room dedicated to upscale footwear; an escalator, an elevator, and probably someone sipping champagne somewhere (at least there should be).

The massive space somehow still manages to come across as warm and inviting. It’s the kind of place even the most stubborn shopper will want to linger. Ties, sunglasses, trousers, button-ups, sweaters, jackets, suits – with over 100 of the world’s most elite brands in store, there simply isn’t anything you could ever want that you won’t find here.

Doors are open for a soft launch today, and as of tomorrow they’ll be operating at full-steam. We suggest you start shopping for that perfect fall outfit right now – cause it’s definitely there.

And no, we weren’t kidding about the Ferrari.


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